Terms & Conditions

All the website visitors are requested to read these terms and conditions carefully, before using this website. Shape Print assumes that you agree to all the terms of use specified here by using the website.

Patent and Copyrights:

All the copyrighted materials, brand or product names, trademarks, slogans, texts, illustrations, etc represented on this website are the sole proprietary of their respective owners.
All the authorship works used or available for download from this site are licensed or owned by their respective owners. It includes but not limited to design, images, and text. Anyone is not permitted to copy, reproduce, transmit, display, distribute, rent, sublicense, alter, store for any purpose in whole or in part or in any manner without prior permissions. It is applicable for all commercial, non-commercial, and any other kinds of use. The use of the materials available on the site comes with limited, restricted, or protected with certain trademark and other laws.
Any content copied, saved, or downloaded from the website is the property of its respective owners. And all the trademark and/or copyright owners retain the authorship, ownership, and/or license of the content including but not limited to pictorial, textual, illustrative, and accompanying data, documents, files, etc. Under any circumstances, intellectual property rights can be transferred to you.
The trademark or the copyright owner or licensed entity of all the copyrighted materials retains the exclusive right to use, alter or reproduce them on the site. We follow these guidelines both in designing and printing works. And you as the website visitor, customer, or partner of Shape Print have to agree on these conditions. All these rules, laws, or restrictions continue after the payment for the merchandise, products, or services.
We reserve the right to accept or decline the use of any text, design, illustration, text, or similar for designing and printing for our clients or ourselves. By using this, you are restricted to follow the laws strictly and we condemn all copyright infringement complaints seriously.
By sending artworks, contents, or anything to us, you certify to us that all the materials do not contain anything which would lead to copyright infringement or similar conditions. If we do make any such material then the client will indemnify us with regard to all claims costs arising.

Pricing, Payment, and Tax:

All the prices shown on our website is in Australian dollars ($AUD). The pricing of every product, goods, or service includes Goods and Services Tax or GST.
If there is nothing specified in the pricing column, Shape Print will charge a reasonable price on the order accordingly to the work or goods entailed.
We accept payment via payment by card, cash, and some other modes. We also acknowledge cheques and cash transfers in certain conditions.
All required payments need to be cleared before the design, printing, or delivery of the goods processed.
Both offline and online payment systems are open for making payments on invoices. Our website also features a secured online checkout system for speedy and secured payment processing. We consider using maximum advanced security measures to provide payment security at every level. You can contact our customer support team or accounts department for any queries regarding payments.


All artwork sent to us in any form needs to meet our specified guidelines. Customers can use the templates as a reference for uploading, emailing, or sending the artwork to us. More information is available on the website or can be contacted by the support team for further queries.
We will check the technical aspects of all the files, artworks, or references forwarded to us. We will not proofread the contents, so consider reviewing the texts and layouts before sending them to us. We may not store your files for future uses, so consider sending the essential files with every order.
You have to provide us the press or print-ready artworks as specified and appropriate for printing.
We will not take any responsibility for the low-quality rendering of the images or illustrations due to the lack of adequate quality in your provided files.

Printing Process:

Ask for the samples and cross-check them before confirming the order or proceed with the printing process. Request changes to the design as soon as possible and let us modify only to resend you the final draft again.
We will wait until you confirm the design by reviewing the sample sent by us. Also, the printing job will be initiated only after the payment confirmation.

Full-Colour Printing:

In a few cases, the 100% pixel to pixel color match may not be possible. Our experts program the machinery to bring the exact colors onto the prints. We will not guarantee you the exact color match. But, we can ensure that you are going to get the best possible print quality from our printers. Since we research more on your color preferences to bring perfection through full-color printing orders.

Order Confirmation and Cancellation:

We reserve the right to accept or decline the payments and orders. Clients have to make the payments cleared to confirm the orders from their shopping cart. For order cancellations, we may charge the clients according to various aspects. Order confirmation and cancellation will be notified to the clients, if possible. Cancellation and refund of the money may take some time so the clients have to wait until that time.

Agents and Commission:

Shape Print reserves the right to use agents or sub-contractors. It is a part of our marketing strategy and may not be detailed to all the clients publically. No personal or direct dealings with any of our employees will be regarded authorised. We do all business deals on behalf of our brand or company rather than any individual entity. We charge to our clients as per our pricing plans or packages.

Data Loss:

We accept artwork and required contents through electronic data storage devices. You cannot count us responsible for the loss of data stored on the forwarded CD, DVD, USB Flash Derive, or any other electronic storage devices.

Product Delivery:

We try our best for delivering the ordered goods, products, or services on time at your address. We use the best courier or freight services for delivering orders to our clients. We ensure using all quality measures for packaging and shipping arrangements. For large orders, we may ask you a bit more time for the arrangement of shipping and packaging. Additional charges will be applicable for re-delivery. For urgent deliveries, consider contacting our customer support team. Register complain if you find quantity variation, delay in product delivery.


All the claims on damages, product delivery delays, or anything needs to be claimed to us as soon as possible. Our team will inspect the whole matter sensibly and reply with the best possible solution. All the reprint, return or refund claims will be accepted or declined after proper analysis from our side. We will keep transparent communications with clients to make everything perfect.
Shape Print (Australia) reserves all rights to add, edit or delete the information served here without any prior of information. Contact us for any queries or comments on our user policy, Terms, and conditions.