Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

How to place my order online?

The ordering process at Shape Print website is much easier. It just takes a few minutes and some clicks to get your orders confirmed. You will be guided all through placing the order, please let us know if you have any issues.
Choose your product and specify your requirements. You will get all the available options right there, right from indicating size, design, colour plus artwork and printing specifications.
Add to Shopping Cart. After uploading the artwork or by choosing the option to “Create artwork design for me”, proceed to place the order. Login / Register as customer or simply go through the guest checkout option.
Fill up your billing/shipping address. Select shipping and payment options; review your order and shipping details. Click on confirm the order and see the confirmation page with payment details.
Request a quote to place bespoke orders. Feel free to contact us, if you need assistance in placing an order, making a payment or uploading the artwork.

What does the print-ready file mean?

Print-Ready defines certain print file formats containing the artwork. We need the artwork in specified file formats (e.g. - jpg, png, PSD, ai, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, gif). To process the unsupported or no artwork files, we will charge you the artwork creation fee additionally. If you have any doubts, please share with our customer support team.

How to upload my artwork?

Before confirming your order, you will be asked to upload your artwork files. You can upload multiple artworks (Max. 3 Files) of less than 10MB/file size. Consider contacting us, if any issues arise and we will be happy to help you.

What is your return and refund policy?

We reserve all rights to accept or decline all the order cancellation, return, and refund claims. After appropriate analysis, we will ensure regarding the same. Do not worry, if you are eligible to get your payments back, we will arrange for it timely. For further information, share your order details with our customer support team.

2. Artwork

What is bleed?

Bleed refers to printing that exceeds the edge of printed sheet or paper after trimming. Generally, bleed is the tiny area which has to be trimmed off after printing. During the printing, your artwork or background may expand to the bleed area. So, to give the printed material perfect look or ensuring its edges fully printed, trimming is essential.

What is CMYK?

CMYK refers to cyan, magenta, yellow, and key black, the four most used inks for colour printings. It is also known as process colour, four colour or a special colour model. It is a very common term in the printing industry and used for many printing purposes.

What is the press-ready file?

While sending the artwork, you may be asked to provide the press-ready files. To define a file as a press-ready file, certain conditions need to be checked. The criteria of the press-ready file include co all required fonts, and images in given colour formats, proper bleeds and gutters.

What is the full colour black?

When the printing field needs a rich black colour it refers to full-colour black printing. To get the true black colour rendering, setting the K to 100 will not give the proper results. Adjusting all others C, M and Y are also essential to get the true black printing. For printing borders, barcodes, and tiny lines of black colour, the system set to K 100. But for printing large size prints of black colour, CMYK Black – 75 C, 68 M, 67 Y, 90 K works great.

How do I prepare a file for UV varnish?

While preparing an artwork with the UV varnish/UV coating, you have to tweak some settings while preparing the artwork. The following steps will help you create the same using some of the Adobe Creative Suite applications.
Add a new spot colour (in Swatch Panel) to keep the whole file or elements untouched.
Select the text or image, which you want to prepare for UV varnish or coating.
Add a new layer then proceed to duplicate the elements using the Ctrl/Cmd + J command. Now apply the spot colour to the elements on that newly added layer.

How do I get help for artwork design?

The artwork need to meet all the specifications provided including the file formats, maximum upload size, and bleed. You can consider using any kind of software or application for creating the artwork. For any queries, contact our customer support, we ensure providing best possible assistance.

What happens if I make any artwork mistake?

Ensure to check the artwork file before uploading or sending it to us. Since, if you find an error after sending the file to us, contact us immediately. We will arrange the best solutions like letting you send the corrected version if the printing or rendering process yet to be started.

Why outline all fonts?

Outlining the fonts may create issues if you have used stroked text and few other editing options. It will also increase the file size and may change the thickness of the text as outlined text feels bolder then non-outlined text. You can contact us to know more about these specifications.

3. Delivery

What is your turnaround time?

Most products take 3-5 working days while some products can be delivered on the next day.
The approximate production turnaround time differs for every assignment or printing job. Creating artwork to need certain hours or days to complete. The estimated time excludes Saturdays and Sundays plus common holidays.
Consider sending the print-ready artwork files and proper specifications to create artwork as it will yield cutting down the production time.
Shipping Information and Prices
At Shape Print, we use third-party courier companies to deliver ordered goods to your given address. Since we try our best to inform you regarding the estimated shipment delivery time and cost. It varies according to your address and a few other conditions.
You can see the estimated shipping price and expected date of delivery mentioned on the invoice or checkout screen.
The terms and conditions of the courier companies also respected and you can check them on their respective websites. Do not hesitate to call us, if you have any special requirements for shipping and product delivery.

What can I do, if I missed my delivery?

Do not worry! If you missed being present, at the specified address, when the product delivery had to, the courier company will rearrange for the product delivery. Or you can contact the address as given in the calling card which left at your address by the courier team. In most cases, our courier partners attempt to deliver the goods in the next working day, voluntarily.

4. Payment

(Reference: payment full required before despatch& credits apply when the customer fill-up the forms)
When will my order be delivered? (Plz change heading little bit)

When my orders will be delivered?

We approach to deliver the consignment as soon as possible to you. In fact, our next day delivery is option is available to certain products and areas. If next day delivery is not available on the products you selected, you have to agree with our regular delivery norms.
After receiving the full payment, we will dispatch the product. For credits, you have to fill up the required forms beforehand.

How can I pay?

Making payments on our website is much easier. You will get the convenient and secured online payment gateway on our website to pay. You make the payment using the card and PayPal. Make a call to our customer support, if you face any difficulties during the payment.